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Like most other people, I don’t like being sick. Whenever I feel bad, I just want to lie down on my couch and watch television or read a good book. I definitely don’t like to engage in strenuous activities whenever I get a sore throat. Having a severe sore throat can make swallowing, and even talking, extremely painful. Have you been dealing with a recurring sore throat recently? Consider scheduling an appointment with an ENT specialist. This medical professional can examine you and recommend treatment options to help you recover if it's discovered you have a serious illness. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common conditions ENT specialists encounter regularly.


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3 Signs That Your Child Might Be Having Trouble Hearing

When many people think of hearing loss, they think of older people. However, hearing loss can be a problem for people of all ages. Some children are even born with it, and their parents do not even realize it until later on. Finding out if your child has hearing loss is important so that you can see an audiologist and take the necessary steps to help him or her. These are a few signs that your child might be having trouble hearing.

1. Your Child Likes to Play Things at a Loud Volume

Sure, some preteens and teenagers like to play their music at a louder volume than what most people would think to be necessary. With younger children, however, playing the television or radio at an overly loud volume can be an indication that he or she is having trouble hearing.

2. Your Child Doesn't Follow Instructions

If your child has always been well-behaved and has always followed instructions, it can be upsetting to find that he or she just isn't listening to you or other adults, such as his or her teachers. You might assume that this is a behavior-related problem, but you may want to look into other potential options first. If your child is suffering from hearing loss, he or she might not be able to hear you or his or her teachers. This could be why he or she is not following directions.

3. Your Child is Having Trouble Speaking Properly

Speech impediments can be common in children, and there are many causes for them. Some children who have trouble speaking, however, have this problem because they aren't able to hear well. After all, children learn how to pronounce words from hearing other people saying them. Some children who have hearing loss also stay quiet and don't talk much, which could be tougher to detect than a speech impediment. Working with an audiologist can help you determine if your child has hearing loss; if not, you can then look into other potential causes of your child's speech impediment.

Realizing that your child might be suffering from hearing loss can be a difficult thing for many parents. However, watching out for the signs and scheduling an appointment with an audiologist is smart so that you can determine what is causing the hearing loss and can address any potential treatment options. These are a few signs that it might be time for you to schedule an appointment for your child to see an audiologist. Contact a professional like Mark Montgomery MD FACS to learn more.