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Like most other people, I don’t like being sick. Whenever I feel bad, I just want to lie down on my couch and watch television or read a good book. I definitely don’t like to engage in strenuous activities whenever I get a sore throat. Having a severe sore throat can make swallowing, and even talking, extremely painful. Have you been dealing with a recurring sore throat recently? Consider scheduling an appointment with an ENT specialist. This medical professional can examine you and recommend treatment options to help you recover if it's discovered you have a serious illness. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common conditions ENT specialists encounter regularly.


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When To Contact A Doctor When Dealing With Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is never something you want to have to deal with. Unfortunately, it does happen whether it has occurred as the result of a cold, traveling, or excessive stress in the workplace. Sinus pain happens typically because of a sinus infection that should clear up on its own eventually. However, this isn't always the case. Here are the few times you should contact your doctor when dealing with sinus pain:

You Need Relief:

If you cannot handle the sinus pain you are dealing with, then you want to seek treatment from your doctor who can prescribe you antibiotics to help speed up the recovery process. This way, you can continue about your daily life as normal without the discomfort. Many people cannot handle the sinus pain for too long, so it's nothing to be ashamed of if you need the faster relief. Your doctor can easily help you by providing you a prescription and sending you on your way. 

You Develop Meningitis:

It's not always easy to tell if you have developed meningitis from a sinus infection, but some clear signs include a stiff neck coupled with a severe headache. You want to seek treatment for this right away because meningitis can be dangerous and even life threatening. If you believe your sinus infection is becoming more than that, you should seek medical treatment right away. 

You Develop Osteomyelitis:

Although this is extremely rare, osteomyelitis can develop as the result of a sinus infection. This is when the bones become infected and this can definitely be a serious condition that can result in the loss of your range of motion since the bones will be damaged. The typical sign of this is swelling that is tender coupled with a recent sinus infection. You may even notice severe back pain if the infection is near the spine. In the beginning stages, it's easy to treat with antibiotics. 

Your Personality Changes:

If you have any changes in your personality, it's important to talk with your doctor about this being coupled with your recent sinus infection. The reason this happens is that the pain from a sinus infection can be so severe that it causes irritability, depression, and more. With the treatment of the sinus infection, it can get rid of these changes in personality, which prevents you from seeking out specific medical care for these mental diseases. 

When you know these reasons to see a doctor, like one from Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC, you can be sure that your sinus infection does not become any more than that.